Used cars and big threat to the world environment

Normally people do not understand that what is the relation between the used cars and the environment. But in actuality this is a fact, in many studies and research, it has been found that used cars are a danger. As different kinds of things associated with the used cars which not comes undercounting.

We think that a used car is better than the new one it is true to some extend. but this is not complete information. Used cars create many negative things for the environment and that’s is not open to all world. Here we will discuss the environmental issue associated with the used cars.

Most of the used car consumption belongs to developing countries. Many progressive countries export the used cars to low-grade countries. Because they can’t afford it that’s why their preference is to buy old cars for the quick availability of cars.

The main point is this we are in the same world. No matter we are divided were into different countries. But our main base is earth whatever we invest in it we will get the same. No matter from which location of earth we belong and no matter where we process things. We all are in the same place.

The late understanding of things will not cover us from the harmful effect of the used cars. The fast and the proper knowledge is the key for the future in which we can’t go along. Need to work like one world for this matter otherwise have to bear a lot together.

So here we will discuss the things which are directly associated with used cars and the environment. Those things are not new but many of us do not understand them in that way. That’s why here we will discuss it because need to care for and understand both sides for a better future.

1. Carbon generation

It is fact that used cars generate more carbon as compare to the new car. Because they already pass their big life on the roads with different kinds of oil and patrols. Only some used cars which use gently on road mostly they don’t emit too much carbon. 

2. Oil leakage

The used car has a big issue, it can be damaged from any side especially from the engine side. That causes leakage in the oil holding area, which causes huge hurt to the climate which is not good in the long run.

3. Poor countries with no care process for cars

As we know that some countries have no power to buy a new car. How it is possible they have a complete process to check and care for the old cars. If the absence of the care process means. A car could move in any condition on the roads that are not good for the climate.

4. Lack of environmental control in poor countries

Many authorities are present in poor countries whose work is to control environmental protection. Due to lack of control and the improper handling of concern department. Climate hurting on its peak in poor countries.

5. Transportation for import and export boosts the emission

The transportation involves in the used cars transport also emit so many carbons and other gases. That is quite dangerous for the climate.

6. Change of Air quality

Where the pollution is at a high level at those locations air quality gets worse. That causes many side effects like breathing problems, skin diseases, and other body issues. We all are living things we must need a clean and fresh environment for a healthy and safe life.

7. Lack of old parts handling

The disposal of the old parts is mandatory either for recycling or move them to some other use. The old parts create rust and oil in the surround which is not good for the climate.

8. High use of fuel

The high use of fuel in parts cleaning and in the fuel, both create pollution to the climate. That is not easy to control if the concerned people are not moving as per plan.

9. Lack of smashed and destroying technology

In the poor countries, they don’t have good enough technology to smashed and destroy the old things. To move them for the further process. long time storage of the old parts in the same place can hurt the environment more badly.

10. No limit apply for disposal

In poor countries, there is no limit for the age to move on the roads. Because as per standard after some duration cars start to decompose themselves. That is not good for the climate.

11. No taxation on the old cars

The less and no taxation on the used car also a big cause of the climate hurting.

12. Increase in plastic in the environment

The plastic in the different parts is not easy to decompose naturally. This making our climate worse.

13. Burning of plastic is dangerous

Further burning of plastic is also not a good thing. Because climate also gets hurt badly due to its burning.

14. Old batteries recycling is dangerous

The old batteries and their recycling are big danger work but in the poor countries, it is normal. Even they are unaware of how they are hurting the climate.

15. Old cars means compromise on safety

Every old and used car means you and your country are ready to compromise on the climate hurting.

16. Effect on plants

Further, all types of gases and chemicals are not good for the plants. In actuality they are hurting it, that’s why the quantity of the plants is reducing. In those conditions 

17. Bad quality of drinking and seawater

With all the water use in the countries either direct or indirect get worse in condition. Due to cleaning of oily and rust things.

18. Repairing of parts also create pollution

In many places, repairing techniques are not up to the mark. That’s why in repairing process many gases get emit and also create another type of pollution.

19. Tires scrap and their burning

In the used cars countries, a scrap of the tires has a big issue. Because mostly used car tires have not much life that can serve for years. Because of that reason need to do tires change for using of car. The high rate of change tires increases the scrap quantity. That mostly process by burning only in those countries.

Furthermore, the Exporter of used cars also doesn’t know about it how they involve in hurting world climate. For that need to play awareness campaign this will can help to improve the process and setup. 

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