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Top Google Penalty Checker Tools For SEO

Google penalties have always remained a trending topic on search engines. This is due to the fact that Google keeps updating its algorithms and stats to improve its search qualities and provide better SEO results. Still, most unoptimized sites or outdated websites which do not meet google search algorithms have been penalized with Google pages and rollouts of Google’s updates, including Penguin, Panda, and other latest algorithms. 

Those familiar with Google’s updates and algorithms are doing great on search engine results, but SEO Perth experts and marketers who really don’t have enough knowledge and experience always fall under this well. 

Here in this article, we will give you detailed information about the latest Google penalty checker tools. And how to solve SEO issues your website is facing. There are many online tools available with the help of those you can check Google penalty, even host specialized penalty checking tools meant to offer more easy checking services. We have listed some of the most trending Google Penalty recovery tools for SEO below. Check them out now!

Google Penalty Checker Tools For SEO 

Suppose your website is not doing great on search engine pages even after practicing all the possible strategies to make it search engine friendly. In that case, you need to focus on Google penalty using the best Google penalty tool.  


Penguin is one of the best Google algorithms that largely focuses on the website quality and poor-quality website backlinks. It rates websites according to the quality and quantity of the backlinks on search engine pages. Google Algorithm Update Impact Tool is an easy-to-use and effective Google penalty tool that will help identify the website’s backlinks. It collects all the essential information from the website’s user account whenever you log in to Google analytics. You can go to the penalty check option to check the traffic stats immediately. The best part of this tool is you can use this tool whenever a penalty is put along with the reason for it. With the help of this tool, you can use it to see the real-time changes your website may be experiencing. 


Mozcast is a unique tool for Google penalty checking that helps track the changes in Google’s algorithms in the past 24 hours. It tracks the upcoming latest updates and google’s trends that may affect website performance. For example, The Mozcast tool shows daily forecasts such as 50F, which means little change in the website, 70F shows the average daily forecast, whereas a forecast of 107F with storming cloud, which means the website changes a lot. The SERP tracking features will also be helpful, showing the impact of ads and knowledge bars on a site’s ranking.

Google Search Console:

It is all one SEO tool that is helpful to check a website’s Google penalty. Google search console is Google’s SEO tool which keeps us notified about the latest updates and algorithms, and you can also manually check the website penalty and changes. Professionals also use the Google penalty checker tool for penalty check and other SEO perth performance such as site crawling, track performance errors, speed checking, markup errors, broken links, etc. 


There are a bunch of SEO tools out there. With the help of that, you can check google penalty, but SEMrush offers a bunch of services for determining the technology’s latest updates on which site operates. SEMrush is one of the favorite SEO perth tools for marketing experts that help you track the whole website performance and check if your website is facing any issues while crawling. Not only Google penalty, but you can also check whether other marketing strategies are working well or not, including Keyword positions, link quality, website position on search engine pages, traffic updates, etc. 


Fruition is again a fantastic Google penalty checking tool that uses the website’ Google analytics to track the and Google penalty effect on the website. This tool works extremely well and generates an easy-to-reach chart that will help demonstrate the Google changes that affect your website position and search traffic. It considers many factors such as website bounce rate, traffic flow, page visits, usability, and other variables to rate a website and show google penalty effects accordingly. This tool also works after accessing Google analytics and gives you a complete report just for free. You don’t need to pay for Google penalty checking reports, but if you want detailed information, there is some reasonable pricing that you have to pay. 

How to fix Google penalty issues? 

If your website gets affected by Google’s update and wants to fix these issues. Then here are some tips you can implement into your website to improve these Google penalty issues. 

Learn more about the latest updates. If it’s Google’s algorithm, then study more about the latest updates and algorithms. Ask yourself some questions such as: 

  • What’s that update? 
  • How has this affected your website? 
  • What are the changes in the website you need to work on? 

Find the answers to the following questions. Once you get complete details, start working on improving the website quality. Your website mostly gets affected due to two main factors: content quality and quality of backlinks. 

Content quality:

Content plays a crucial role in improving website quality and helps rank your website on various search engine pages. Only quality content can give you all the positive benefits of search engine results, whereas low-quality content. Plagiarized content can increase the chances of Google penalizing and lower your website ranking. Avoid using low-quality content, create only readable but original content to let your website perform well on search engine results. 


Google considers one quality link to raise authority and quality of the website. Broken, low-quality links can lead to Google penalization, so it is crucial to pay attention to the website’s backlinks. Remove broken links, create links on high authority sites, remove spammy links, etc., to improve the quality of website links. Use various SEO perth tools such as SEMrush, Google Search Console, etc., to get more details about your website’s backlinks.

 I hope this information is helpful for your website growth. Also prevents your website from the latest algorithms and changes and keeps them uptodate. You can visit Webomaze Pty Ltd for more details.

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