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Top 5 Online Yoga Teacher Training in India

If you are aware of the history of yoga, you would know that India is the birthplace of yoga. The concept of yoga started and nourished here before spreading throughout the world. That is why when yoga is discussed in any way, the name of India emerges during the conversation.

There are a lot of places in India where students can learn to practice yoga. Some of these places also teach yoga to those who want to become yoga teachers. 

So, if you are someone who is looking forward to becoming a professional yoga teacher, you should know that you would need specific teacher training and certification.

Your success as a teacher of yoga depends on what type of yoga course you do and from where you are doing that course.

For that reason, a lot of people move to India to learn yoga to become yoga professionals or yoga teachers. If you are also one of those people, who want to learn yoga from Indian instructors to become the best professional yoga teachers. You should know that due to the current situation, there are a lot of travel restrictions. 

Learning online is the second-best option as compared to offline learning. It helps you save money, and time that you would spend on going to India and living there to learn yoga. Based on these benefits and reasons we can say that learning yoga is better online as compared to offline as it costs less and provides the same benefits.

Also, you can learn from the best teachers in India at a very low price because online classes are cheaper as compared to offline yoga retreats. 

The article below contains a list of the top five best online yoga teacher training centers in India. Read the article below to know more. 

  • Arhanta Yoga Ashram:

Arhanta Yoga Ashram is one of the best and biggest online yoga ashrams in the world. It not only offers some of the best yoga retreats to offline students but also provides online yoga courses to willing students from across the globe. That means you can learn from your home.

No matter what type of teacher training course you are doing, Arhanta Yoga Ashram has the best teachers to teach you that course.

At the end of these courses, you are also awarded a teacher training certification. That certification enables you to become a yoga teacher. These certification courses that Arhanta yoga ashram offers are highly accredited by all the international yoga associations. That means you can teach yoga anywhere in the world. 

  • Siddhi Yoga Online School:

The Siddhi Yoga Online School is also a pure Indian yoga school that teaches the concept of yoga and many teacher training courses. The Siddhi Yoga Online School offers its students some of the best teachers who are well-versed and very well respected in their fields.

You can join their courses through their website, their teachers will teach you about the poses and how you can teach them to your students.

Some courses require completion of 200 hours, while some only require 20 to 50 hours of course. The Siddhi Yoga Online School offers both long courses and short courses. 

  • My Vinyasa Practice:

If you are looking for modern yoga teachers, then you should go for My Vinyasa Practice, which is one of the best online yoga teacher training providers. They offer some of the best online yoga teacher training courses. Each of these courses ends at a certification ceremony that is sent to you through your mail.

These are highly accredited certifications and enable you to teach yoga anywhere in the world. My Vinyasa Practice is not just an online yoga studio, it also has many offline branches that students can also visit if they are not satisfied with their online learning progress. 

  • The Kaivalya Yoga Method:

The Kaivalya Yoga Method is not just an ashram or yoga school. It is an ashram that teaches yoga through an entirely different and most effective technique that has been practiced for centuries.

The Kaivalya Yoga Method offers many online yoga courses of 20 hours, 50 hours, 100, and 200 hours. Each of these courses comprises theory and online practice sessions.

Your teachers will explain different teaching techniques that you will also be able to use while teaching your students. You can use them anywhere to open a yoga studio for yourself.  

  • Akasha Yoga Academy:

The Akasha Yoga Academy is fifth on this list of the top 5 online yoga teacher training in India. The reason it is a fifth is that it offers only a few courses. Apart from that, it has some of the best teachers in the world with great passion. That means if you join their classes, you will be able to learn from very passionate yoga teachers.

Akasha Yoga Academy is also known for its highly accredited certifications that they provide to those who complete their teacher training. Once teacher training completes, you will be able to open a yoga studio and teach yoga to others. 

Conclusion –
which one should you join?

The article above contains a list of the best online yoga institutes in India. These can consider the best and top of the line because they provide some of the best teachers, with very highly accredited courses and certification.

These online yoga courses can help you become a yoga teacher and teach yoga professionally anywhere in the world.

This is possible because of the accreditation of these yoga classes with multiple international yoga regulatory bodies. That is also the reason why we kept them as some of the tops on our list.

The best place here is Arhanta Yoga Ashram. That not only has some of the best teachers, and certification courses but also some of the best course materials as well.

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