List of best 5 poker apps to play online poker with friends

One of the best parts about the poker game is that it allows you to play with players from all around the world, with never stopping action. Many of those who frequently play in physical casinos are also attracted to play online poker. This is not due to a lack of action but rather because playing online poker with friends is a totally different experience. Playing the game virtually is focused more on relaxing and having fun than making real money. It is very easy to set up a game with your pals. All you need is a smartphone/laptop/tablet, an internet connection, an app and you are good to go. If you are looking to join a new app to play online poker with friends, here are 5 apps that are definitely worth considering!   


Challenge your buddies to Pot Limit Omaha, Texas Holdem and other poker variants. You can set the modes, choose the theme of the table and so on. Each room has an integrated chat feature, enabling you to chat with your friends while playing poker. The chat also supports voice messages which are really convenient. Whether you are a rookie or an experienced player, PokerBros is worth trying. You can play online poker with friends on iPhone, Android, iPad and PC. Invite your friends, create your personal club with ring games as well as tournaments and get ready to play on the go! Set up your tables in seconds and show your buddies who the boss is! 


Gamentio is our best pick to play free online poker with friends. An easy-use interface makes this poker app a snap. The app provides an engaging experience for newbies and professional players. The game is available to you whether you are on the iOS or Android portal. The app offers to choose various avatars, table designs, bet sizes, and many more. With each successful game, you will earn additional points, move up the leaderboards, and unlock to more advanced tables. What is exciting about this online poker app is that it allows you to utilize your winning coins on AUCTIONS. You can win Amazon gifts cards and other products at breathtaking prices by bidding on auctions. So, a private poker room as per your choice is basically your regular poker night with friends, but virtually.    

Zynga Poker 

Zynga poker is another well-known online poker app for its user-friendly features. This app allows you to play with your friends and exhibit your skills. The design is easy and clean, a beginner-friendly app that players always look out for. You can easily create a private table and invite your buddies to join the game. It is available on Android, iOS, and Windows phones. With a friendly user interface, Zynga poker is no doubt one of the easy apps to use. You can customize the table and make it either public or private. By making your own poker club, you may choose which people can enter and which not. Change the game mode, poker kind, theme of the table and has a generous bonus system.

PokerUp: Social Poker 

For the best user experience, PokerUp is another poker app that you must try. The game itself positions as a social poker game, which entails playing virtual poker with friends from your contact list. Like other apps, you can create your poker room, invite your friends and create your own rules. Share your emotions just as you would do in real life by using their special instant video feature when playing online. The only drawback is that you can only invite up to three friends, which is less than other applications on our mentioned list. This app does not have any complications or many poker variants. Just a game of Texas Hold’em with simple and a clear user interface. So, challenge your friends and rise in the friendly leaderboard. 

Easy Poker 

As the name says, it allows you to easily play online poker with friends easily. To set up a private table with your dear ones is simple, and you can play it anywhere – at the office, your living room, the beach, the restaurant – really anywhere. Users can play as many poker tourneys as they wish without paying. The app also supports the “Plus Table” option. However, in order to use this extra feature, only the creator of the poker table must set up a Plus+ account. Though playing with just free accounts offer a table of up to 6 players, whereas, Plus+ users can play at a table with up to 12 players. So, download the free app and enjoy the social aspects of the game with all your closed ones. 

Wrap Up

Whether you live in a different country, city, or on a different continent, you can play online poker with your friends your favourite anytime, anywhere. To play poker in a private room all you have to do is just set up your table the way you want and invite your pals to join in. Playing poker with them is just a couple of taps away. What are you waiting for? Download the app of your preference, challenge your friends and become a poker star!  

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