A Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting a Disney Plus Group Watch Party

Disney Plus Group Watch Party

If you’re looking for step-by-step instructions on how to arrange a Disney Plus watch party for your family and friends, look no further. This fall, Disney Plus will introduce a new function called the group to watch, which will be available in a number of countries. We’ll show you how everything works and what you need to know so you can all have a great time at Disney.

First, make sure you all have a Disney Plus account and have installed all of the updates (interesting fact: we had difficulties the first time because my mother hadn’t updated the app on her iPad).

If you’re the host, go to your Disney Plus account and search for the movie or show you wish to watch. Look for the emblem of the group watch and click it.

The plus button appears on the new screen, allowing you to invite friends and family to join you. When you click on it, you’ll give many alternatives for sending a link. If you’re using a mobile device, you can send it via most messaging apps, and if you’re using a laptop, you can copy the link and send it via email.

You’ll see them appear on your screen after they click the link and log into their Disney Plus account. After everyone has signed up, click the “Start Stream” button to start your program, and you’re all set to view at the same time.

Disney has also included reaction emoticons in the app, which will appear on everyone’s devices. You can get to them on your phone by swiping right. (On a desktop, move your mouse/controller to the right; sorry, not on TV.) Once you’re all in, anyone, not just the host, may manage the broadcast, so if one person pauses it, it pauses for everyone.

You can watch multiple episodes of a show rather than a movie, but this is not automatic. The following episode will be started by the host. By pressing the play next episode button, you can do so. When you’re finished, click the Exit button to exit the group watch (on mobile swipe up from the bottom).

Other important Disney Plus Group Watch information include: –

You can have up to 7 profiles watching at the same time (including the host).

– A maximum of four profiles can be used on the same account at the same time.

– Children’s profiles are unable to participate in group watch; – You are unable to conduct a group watch with friends and family in other countries.

The Group watch is expected to be available in Europe later this fall.

You can find a video instruction on our YouTube Channel if you want to view one.

Have fun streaming!

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All of this new content comes at a cost, so Disney+ subscription prices are likely to rise. In Canada, for example, the monthly price will rise from $8.99CAD to $11.99CAD. (Annual subscription fees will rise from $89.99CAD to $119.99CAD) Starting in August 2021, current customers will experience this hike on renewals.

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