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If Tattooing is a relatively universal practice among human populations, it does not have precisely the same function depending on whether it is male or female. Also, the location of its affixing says a lot about the intentions and motivations of the wearer. Druids and other religions from populations with a high prevalence of ancestral customs. Also, the mystical dimension of the tattoo makes its wearer quickly notice when it shows off its own. Because in addition to these considerations common to both sexes, the tattoo of the man can refer to his past as a prisoner or a sailor, which in both cases amplifies its appeal to women. 

The world at arm’s length

It evokes travel and suggests the ocean and the adventures that the wearer suggests having lived there.

Another version of the sailor tattoo

This second representation, if it joins the first in its theme, it nevertheless sports more explicit motifs referring to the sea and navigation.

Love meets freedom

In the field of tattooing, the symbol is central. All the more so since it is intended to accompany the one who carries it in his pulpit for the rest of these days in general. For the record, the main problem for anyone who wants to get a tattoo is what to represent on it. In this example, a beautiful pattern represents roses and a dove. Love combined with freedom. Anyone seeing it will indulge in their interpretation of the pattern, and there is a particularly powerful power in such a representation. The Maori tradition enters your DNA. Traditional Melanesian motifs are so famous that it is awkward to take the effort to present them. But what is useful to clarify is that these motifs are very often, always in Melanesian culture, reserved for warriors. So try to live up to them if you decide to go for them.

A clock and roses

Love knows how to be patient; time is the only true love, time before love, or vice versa. Who knows? And whatever, since all these meanings are summed up in a single tattoo, and through it, you challenge all subjectivities. You are, therefore, the master of the game. Such shapes can very well be found in the stained glass windows of local cathedrals or as decorations of Eastern cultures. So two cultures that meet on your forearm for maximum artistic performance. The geometry, by aesthetic minimalism, sublimates the visual rendering of such a tattoo. Prepare for the adventure. The color only in the eyes amplifies the depth of the gaze that emanates from them.

Another suggestion of the same type of patterns

The representation of love by the rose and freedom by the dove is a reason of sure value which will undoubtedly be the consensus. Only a discerning eye and a culturally charged mind can divine the Bermuda Triangle and the mysteries that lie within it. The good thing about choosing this pattern is that you can write whatever you want how you feel, but be careful that this feeling stands the test of time because the tattoo will. When the classic rose & gun is hijacked, the weapon can be replaced by its use. Man is a chronological animal; the representation of time in the collective imagination abounds to remind us of it in cease, participate in the exaltation of his omnipotence.

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